• Pawel Karpiesiuk

Mechanical Strength Tests for A Lightweight Floor Construction with A Heating Coil

Our CEO Jacek Karpiesiuk is currently undertaking his PhD with the University of Bialystok.


This method of Lightweight floor construction does not require the use of heavy concrete screeds. It consists of a layer of hard thermal insulation on which the tile flooring is directly mounted, using an adhesive mortar reinforced with a glass fiber mesh.

This article summarises the current results of the strength tests of this radiator model with XPS thermal insulation for bending, compression and point compression with a variety of constructional models. Application in all tests of various types and structures of insulating panels, with the use of glass fiber mesh and without it, allowed us to check and compare the most important strength parameters with different variants.

At the same time, the principle of accepting materials that produce results guaranteeing the quality, durability and optimal price of the lightweight floor model with the use of a heating coil was followed.

See the full research article here

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