• Pawel Karpiesiuk

Regression of The Tensile Strength of.....Lightweight Floor System


Based on the experimental test results of the tensile strength of the C2S1 adhesive, the regression and strength of connections between this adhesive and the thermal insulation substrate were evaluated. Two types of insulation were adopted, i.e. extruded polystyrene XPS and expanded EPS, respectively, with a density of 34 and 28kg/m3. The dependence of pull-off strength was tested at various test conditions, namely wet, dry, and mixed. Selected statistical analysis based on correlations and relations also gives information on how an increase in the density of thermal insulation by 1kg/m3, influences an increase in tensile strength of the pull-off method cement adhesive C2S1, in various test conditions. The obtained data also allowed for verifying the relationship (regression) hypothesis between the pull-off strength of the C2S1 adhesive, and the type of thermal insulation EPS and XPS with different densities and under different user conditions.

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