• Pawel Karpiesiuk

Research Results of a Deformable Adhesive in a Lightweight Floor System

The article statistically analyses experimental tests on a light floor system (LFS) without screeds. The results of over two years of experiments in which the strength of C2S1 and C2S2 cement deformable adhesive for tensile and shearing were tested allow to determine the confidence interval for the expected value of these strengths along with determining the relative precision of the estimation. In the article, only the C2S1 adhesive was analysed because it meets two important criteria. It has relatively high mechanical strength and is more economically advantageous (purchase price 2-3 times lower than C2S2). The obtained data also allowed to verify the hypothesis regarding the minimum strength of the C2S1 adhesive during the pull-off test and shear strength.

See full research article here.

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