• Pawel Karpiesiuk

The effects of various parameters on the strengths of adhesives layer in a lightweight floor system


The article presents the results of shear and tensile strength of deformable cement adhesives, reinforced by fiberglass mesh with a different weight in a lightweight floor system without screeds. The substrate under adhesive was EPS and XPS thermal insulation. Tests were carried out in dry, wet conditions as well as during freezing and thawing. On their basis, it can be concluded that the larger contact surface of the EPS thermal insulation with the deformable adhesive C2S1 increases the adhesive’s tensile strength. This surface is not important using C2S2 adhesives or when the substrate is made from rough insulation XPS. It was generally found that the higher weight of the fibreglass mesh in deformable cement adhesives has a more favourable effect on their shear strength. Water ab- sorption does not significantly affect the adhesion of terra- cotta, and in some configurations of components in this system increases it. The adhesive with the symbol C2S2 compared to C2S1 has a higher tensile and shear strength using the same materials. Frost conditions do not allow for long-term use of this type of floor construction in snow and ice protection systems. This experimental research shows that an economical solution with optimal strength consists of XPS insulation, 205 g/m2 mesh, C2S1 adhesive.

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