Why Choose KARDO?

​There are many reasons why people choose KARDO, here are just a few:


Founded in 1993, and with 24 years of experience, KARDO has established a superb reputation in the European building industry. KARDO has been a long standing partner with Elektra EU, a large producer and distributor of underfloor heating systems and accessories. KARDO is also a partner with the Bialystok University of Technology where our very own Managing Director, Jacek Karpiesiuk has contributed and continues to do so with his PhD.


A family owned business since the beginning, Jacek Karpiesiuk owes his success to building a team around him with knowledge and expertise with the longest standing employee having joined the company back in 1997.

Made in Poland:

KARDO takes pride in manufacturing everything at it's factory in Bialystok, in the east of Poland. Being the only company in Poland to manufacture KARDO Waterpanel X & KARDO Thermopanel S and having the largest output of insulation boards in Poland, meaning that KARDO earns the title of being #1 Polish Manufacturer of Insulation Boards that don't require screed.

Global Reach:

With a distribution network across the European Union and beyond, KARDO is fast becoming a rising star in the Insulation industry. Partners can be found in Poland, Belgium, France, Latvia, Malta and Belarus.