Poland's Leading Manufacturer of Insulation Boards

Founded in 1993, KARDO is a privately owned organisation which is #1 Polish Manufacturer of Insulation Boards that don't require screed.

Why choose underfloor heating?

Warmth Underfoot

The delightful feeling of being warmed from your toes up is quite unique. Underfloor heating gives an even temperature throughout, controlled by its own thermostat to suit your needs. The warmth rises heating your room throughout. With underfloor heating, your house becomes a home.

Saving You Energy and Money

Underfloor heating is the most cost effective and efficient way to heat your home. As our underfloor heating systems are built to last, you will save money in the long term.

Temperature Control

You are in complete control. With thermostat control you're able to choose the temperature which is just right for you.   

More Space Than Ever

As underfloor heating is essentially transforming your floor into a heated surface, meaning you can make complete use of your space without the need of unwieldy radiators. This will ensure even the smallest of rooms are able to be used to their fullest.

Less Humidity, Less Dampness

Underfloor heating systems lowers the humidity which reduces damp which many UK houses suffer with. Less moisture also means fewer unwanted visitors such as dust mites.


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